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I don’t pitch ten random design ideas to you, as that leads to an unfocused brand.
I want to see you get results. That’s why I deliver two custom design logo concepts that are led by a strategy designed to match your brand.  The concepts are revised until you are happy. up to three rounds of changes are included (within reason).

On completion, one final logo design is supplied in various formats for print and online use, plus up to three logo variants (i.e. Horizontal design, Vertical design, Text only, Graphic only).

Below are a few samples

Business Cards

Let’s face it the Internet it’s awesome but who said Printing was dead?
I design Business Kits (Business Card, Complimentary Slips). Did you know that a successful design achieves results beyond the value of your investment?

Ask yourself… How effective is my Business Card?

Remember a business card it’s more than just providing your contact details, they form a piece of a large puzzle, and your business card should be designed to create a conversation and draw attention.

STOP using a business card that has been poorly designed as this only reflects a poor image of your company.

I can design you a business card that will represent the essence of your business.

Some Samples of my designs


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